Operational Security Services

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Stealth C’ Lot is a security company providing outstanding professional security solutions to international corporations, government- and non-government organizations, and private individuals. Stealth C’ Lot offers effective protective, safety and security services to clients from all over the world. Providing the safest environment and living conditions, Stealth C’ Lot ensures its clients accomplish their business goals and achieve success. Stealth C’ Lot supports its clients with the best security solutions.

  • Close protection details
  • Armed protection teams in very high risk environments
  • Security awareness training
  • Intrusion testing
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures
  • Major event security


Our experienced professionals provide security and peace of mind for those traveling in hostile, unfamiliar environments. As a global leader in providing specialist security services, we help keep our clients’ most valuable assets safe and secure. Stealth C’ Lot provides 24-hour coverage all over the world.

Date: January 03, 2012