Executive Protection

12321Stealth C’ Lot has a proven capability in executive protection. Our consultants, coordinators and advisors accompany high net worth clients, senior executives, families and private individuals when travelling overseas. Our local knowledge means the protective services we recommend are commensurate with the threat posed.

Executive protection services from Stealth C’ Lot are designed to ensure the safety of people and businesses that may be exposed to risk due to their employment, status, wealth, association or the locations they are visiting. We provide the reassurance that enables clients to carry out their business with confidence.

 Executive protection services include:

  • Protection of a team or an individual’
  • Security advice, liaison and coordination
  • Travel management
  • Venue and site surveys
  • Measured risk and threat assessments
  • Reactive surveillance
  • Demining
  • Physical protection
  • Discreet low-level protection
Date: January 03, 2012